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What is RSS?

An explanation of RSS

Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication is a commonly used protocol for syndication and sharing of content, originally developed to facilitate the syndication of news articles RSS is now widely used to share the contents of blogs. RSS is an XML-based summary of a web site, usually used for syndication and other kinds of content-sharing. There are RSS "feeds", which are sources of RSS information about web sites and RSS "readers", which read RSS feeds and display their content to users.

Can I get a program to manage RSS feeds?

RSS-aware programs called news aggregators are popular in the weblogging community. Many weblogs make content available in RSS. A news aggregator can help you keep up with all your favorite weblogs by checking their RSS feeds and displaying new items from each of them.

The following programs are just some of the tools that can be used to read our RSS Feed.


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