Joint Ventures

Do you have an exciting, new and innovative web-based product but are struggling to make new sales? Perhaps you would like to develop a new online service, but lack the knowledge and skills to make it a reality?

If so, Creative Eye is interested in establishing a joint venture. We can bring enormous benefits to your online business through our years of experience and technical expertise.

Just ask Adam Eason, a successful hypnotherapist based in the south of the UK:

This is a testimonial shouting about just how flipping great Creative Eye are! More and more and more people should be getting on board with Creative Eye, and paying them millions just to hear their voices, which could soothe ravenous hyenas into a gentle snooze.”

Adam Eason, Hypnotherapist

OK, this is a joke, but many testimonials are a joke...

I would rather you got in touch with me on Skype and find out for yourself what I am about and see if we are a Joint Venture match.

Skype ID: keithaw2k1

Or contact me below: