Have You Been On The Internet Longer?

The short version of my internet story is that I put my first website up in 1992 — the irony is that it was a site about antiques — while I was working in the Middle East at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital. To date, I haven’t met anyone in the flesh who has a longer […]

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Have Motorhome Will Work AND Travel

In one management training session years ago, we were asked what we really would like to do with our lives. If we had endless money how would we choose to live day to day? I remember answering that I saw myself retiring to a yacht and travelling all over wherever my fancy took me next. […]

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Born Again Website

Well — at last! I have got round to working on my own site. I am like the cobbler with no shoes — my own website has been so neglected that it no longer held any relevance and hardly any of it reflected what I actually do today.  It is interesting looking back and realising […]

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