Have Motorhome Will Work AND Travel

In one management training session years ago, we were asked what we really would like to do with our lives. If we had endless money how would we choose to live day to day?

I remember answering that I saw myself retiring to a yacht and travelling all over wherever my fancy took me next. BUT, if circumstances meant that I could sail off into the sunset earlier than my retirment years, then so be it.

In fact, my wife and I did set off sailing full time some twenty years ago, but had a nasty sinking accident about three months into the adventure. A story for another time.

Unfortunately, as my golden oldies years get nearer, my back has proved to be weaker than I would like to contemplate sailing full time now -- and so there has been an adaption to the plan.

Come in Motorhome -- a purchase of mine, or, more accurately stated -- my wife's purchase earlier this year.

Can you hire our VAN -- I hear you say! Yes you can -- just get in touch.

My wife will actually retire from the Health Service in five years' time and we had begun to consider the travelling bug we both have, and just how we were going to go about it.

And so we decided to get to know more about Motorhomes, and were looking to hire one for a holiday later this year.

Now here is the good bit -- this was spotted by my wife, Babs, first, and was in fact her suggestion.  During her research for our holiday, she came across an advertisement for 'Buy To Let Motorhomes' and the point being made quite clearly was that the majority of motorhomes sit on owners' drives 80% of the time. Babs obviously thought this was a good idea and would have stored it away for another time. The mistake she made was telling me! She showed me the ad on a Thursday, and on the following Sunday we were up near Cambridge viewing them, and a deposit was placed that day. I tell everybody -- including you, dear reader -- about my wife's great idea. Brilliant!

Anyway, we both love the motorhome and it does tick a lot of boxes in our life goals.

The motorhome (or the van, as we call it) has been out on hire three times so far and we have to be sure to book our time in before it is too late.

This is a step towards our overall goal of travelling extensively.

Will I retire? Heck, I doubt it. The freedom that the net gives you means that I can work literally from anywhere, and if I can travel, read, take photographs, walk and ride my bike, play badminton, watch sport and dabble at my net stuff, I will be totally at peace with the world.

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