Have You Been On The Internet Longer?

The short version of my internet story is that I put my first website up in 1992 -- the irony is that it was a site about antiques -- while I was working in the Middle East at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital. To date, I haven't met anyone in the flesh who has a longer internet history -- if you do go back that far, I would love for you to contact me. I have since been involved with over 2000 websites (me and my team). I left nursing in 1996 to develop my web business and have lived and breathed all things internet ever since.

I am much more interested in Internet Marketing these days and am keen to work on joint ventures -- with the right positive-minded get-up-and-go entrepreneurs. I am in the fortunate position that I can be choosy about the projects I get involved in and the most important thing to me is the fun, relationships and friendships that can grow as a result of working with people I respect and enjoy being with.

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