Well I (Keith Watson)  have done it at last - updated my own website. I call myself a Web Developer and Online Marketer and the thing I most feared was somebody that didn't know me checking out my website. So here it is in its reincarnated form.

There is also a blog attached which will be a challenge as it means I have yet another daily task to perform - but the discipline will do me good.

For those of you who are finding my site for the first time the short version of my internet story is that I put my first website up in 1992 - the irony is that it was a site about antiques - while I was working in the Middle East at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital. To date I haven't met anyone in the flesh who has a longer internet history - if you do go back that far I would love for you to contact me. I have since been involved with over 2000 websites (me and my team).  I left nursing in 1996 to develop my web business and have lived and breathed all things internet ever since.

I am much more interested in Internet Marketing these days and am keen to work on joint ventures - with the right positive minded get up and go entrepreneurs. I am in the fortunate position that I can be choosy about the projects I get involved in and the most important thing to me is the fun, relationships and friendships that can grow as a result of working with people I respect and enjoy being with.

The biggest joint venture I have got involved in to date is working with a great clinical hypnotherapist called Adam Eason and I have learned a lot about myself and my mindset as a result of our working together. I would thoroughly recommend that you go and grab yourself some free downloads at http://www.adam-eason.com

I just love what I do and although I have now qualified for my free bus pass I can see myself just working on in this fascinating ever changing field.   What I am gradually moving to though is travelling.  I have just bought a motorhome and I love the freedom that gives me to move and work at the same time.   I put the word 'work' but I don't even regard it as that as I so enjoy what I do and look forward every day to the new people I am going to meet and interact with in my journey through lifeI.

If you are viewing this page because you are an entrepreneur and want to know more about Internet Marketing then I would love you to join me in Six Figure Mentors membership site.  Using the following link you would become part of my team and I would love to help you discover a winning formula that can work for you online.  I was mentored personally by the founders of this membership site and can promise you that it is the best site that I know for developing your online potential.